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# TYPO3 extension be_secure_pw
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## tldr
This extension keeps the password safe and secure
## What does it do?
This extension
* can set different patterns for the BE user's password
* capital chars
* lower chars
* digits
* special chars
* and set the number of patterns a password must have
* can set a minimum length of a password
* is checking the password in setup module and in BE user record
* is able to set a period of time a password becomes expired and a BE user needs to change it
* is able to force this password change
* a BE user with an expired password has only access to the setup module
## How to install?
### composer
`composer require spooner-web/be_secure_pw`
### TYPO3 Extension Manager
Search for `be_secure_pw` and install it via the EM interface
### ZIP upload in EM
Go to the [TER page]( and download the ZIP file.
After that, upload it in your TYPO3 Backend in the EM interface.
## How to contribute?
* [Send issues]( (bugs, suggestions, features)
* [Donate via PayPal](
* Send code and create Merge Requests in [GitLab](
Feel free to add some documentation or simply add a link to the online manual.
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