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Add basic gitlab yaml for releasing extension

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- release
Upload release to TER:
stage: release
image: composer:1
- tags
- apk add libxml2-dev php-soap
- docker-php-ext-install soap
- composer global require namelesscoder/typo3-repository-client
- >
if [ -n "$CI_COMMIT_TAG" ] && [ -n "$T3O_USERNAME" ] && [ -n "$T3O_PASSWORD" ]; then
echo -e "Preparing upload of release ${CI_COMMIT_TAG} to TER\n"
# Cleanup before we upload
git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -fx
# Upload
TAG_MESSAGE=`git tag -n10 -l $CI_COMMIT_TAG | sed 's/^[0-9.]*[ ]*//g'`
echo "Uploading release ${CI_COMMIT_TAG} to TER"
.Build/bin/upload . "$T3O_USERNAME" "$T3O_PASSWORD" "$TAG_MESSAGE"
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