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[TASK] Updated documentation

* Adds question for managing news articles
* Adds wish list
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......@@ -92,6 +92,20 @@ I want to make a TYPO3 upgrade. Do I need to be careful?
As long as you are using ``fluid_styled_content``, you don't have to care of anything when upgrading.
The extension is using TYPO3 core features and don't need any extra tables, Extbase models or repositories.
It is very confusing in the page tree if there are many articles.
You can manage your articles in subfolders, e.g. the year of the article. So you have all 2016 articles in one folder and
the 2017 articles in another folder. RealUrl will handle that by adding the year into the url like
If you have too many articles per year, you can add more subfolders as months. Or you use a type of category instead of the date.
The good thing is, you are free to do what you want. It just works.
Wish list
1. Include a page browser
1. Importer for tt_news and news
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