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Documentation for TYPO3 extension just_sitemap
Install via composer
.. code-block:: shell
composer require spooner-web/just_sitemap
Install via Extension Manager
1. Open Extension Manager in TYPO3 backend
2. Search for ``just_sitemap``
3. Download and install it
Integrators Guide
Integrate extension
1. Create page for the sitemap
2. Hide page in menus
3. Include static template
4. Add a content element and select ``Google Sitemap``
5. Select the root page(s) and the recursive level to get all pages
Add doktype to pages not shown
By default the doktypes ``3,4,6,199,254,255`` are not shown in the sitemap.
You can add more doktypes, e.g. doktype 12 with:
.. code-block:: typoscript
plugin.tx_justsitemap.doktypesToIgnore := addToList(12)
Enhancing extension
By adding template, partial and layout paths to ``lib.fluidContent`` with their
subsections ``templateRootPaths``, ``partialRootPaths`` and ``layoutRootPaths`` you can
create own templates and override the original ones.
To change the markup of the news listing you can add this code into TypoScript:
.. code-block:: typoscript
lib.fluidContent {
templateRootPaths {
40 = EXT:my_ext/Resources/Private/Templates
partialRootPaths {
40 = EXT:my_ext/Resources/Private/Partials
layoutRootPaths {
40 = EXT:my_ext/Resources/Private/Layouts
ToDo list
* Add priority into sitemap (would be best by handling it by the tree level)
* Add records (like news or other) to the sitemap
* Add frequency into sitemap (own field in page?)
Feel free to contribute or test the extension!
Here you can get in contact:
* `GitLab project`_
* `GitHub project (just a mirror)`_
* `Slack channel`_
.. _GitLab project:
.. _GitHub project (just a mirror):
.. _Slack channel:
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