Commit bde85c83 authored by Hans Pagel's avatar Hans Pagel Committed by Thomas Löffler

transform countryCode to lowercase when not empty

parent fefd90f1
......@@ -260,13 +260,15 @@ class LanguageDetection extends AbstractPlugin
if (TYPO3_DLOG) {
GeneralUtility::devLog('IP: ' . $this->getUserIP(), $this->extKey);
$countryCode = strtolower(geoip_country_code_by_name($this->getUserIP()));
$countryCode = geoip_country_code_by_name($this->getUserIP());
if (TYPO3_DLOG) {
GeneralUtility::devLog('GeoIP Country Code: ' . $countryCode, $this->extKey);
if ($countryCode) {
$countryCode = strtolower($countryCode);
//Check for the country code in the configured list of country to languages
if (array_key_exists($countryCode, $this->conf['countryCodeToLanguageCode.'])
&& array_key_exists($this->conf['countryCodeToLanguageCode.'][$countryCode], $availableLanguagesArr)
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