Commit bfc51fff authored by Adrien Jacob's avatar Adrien Jacob Committed by Thomas Löffler

[Feature] addQueryString.exclude

This adds a new typoscript config parameter : allowedParams is a comma separated list of GET params to be transferred to the redirected URL. On top of these configured parameters, config.linkVars, "type" and "MP" params are all allowed.
Using allowedParams prevents cache issues with forged/random parameters.
If allowedParams is empty, the current behaviour is kept (all GET params are transferred).

Behaviour and code is inspired from
parent d98f85c5
......@@ -338,11 +338,30 @@ class LanguageDetection extends AbstractPlugin
$page = $sys_page->getPage($preferredLanguageOrPageUid);
$pageId = method_exists($this->getTSFE(), 'getRequestedId') ? $this->getTSFE()->getRequestedId() : $page['uid'];
//Add id to url GET parameters to remove
$removeParams = array('id');
//Check allowed url GET parameters if configured
if ($this->conf['allowedParams']) {
$getVariables = GeneralUtility::_GET();
if (isset($getVariables) && is_array($getVariables)) {
$allowedParams = GeneralUtility::trimExplode(',', $this->conf['allowedParams'], true);
//"type" and "MP" GET parameters are allowed by default
$allowedParams = array_merge($allowedParams, array('type', 'MP'));
parse_str($this->getTSFE()->linkVars, $query);
$allowedParams = array_merge($allowedParams, array_keys($query));
$disallowedParams = array_diff(array_keys($getVariables), $allowedParams);
// Add disallowed parameters to parameters to remove
$removeParams = array_merge($removeParams, $disallowedParams);
$urlParams = [
'parameter' => $page['uid'],
'parameter' => $pageId,
'addQueryString' => true,
'addQueryString.' => [
'exclude' => 'id'
'exclude' => implode(',', $removeParams)
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